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Safety and security questions.

I have considered questions any sensible person may be concerned about making a gift for Julie. Please get in touch if you have any others.


You have my address and phone number, If you wish to make a gift I can send a copy of driving licence for instance.

What if you don’t get the amount you need?

I am not asking for cash but a promise of a gift. I will only ask for the money when I am about to buy a house.

I want to make a large gift – but still have concerns that I am only helping one person (two including you) whereas the same money could go to help many.

My first reply is that the difference to Julie will be so great that will change her life completely. She is unable to work or socialise, she is in pain and fear, she sees a very dark future ahead. My view is that helping one person with a number of devastating problems will make a far more significant difference than helping many people overcome one issue.

My second reply is very different – If you wish we would write into our wills that the value of your gift plus an appropriate portion of any increased value of the house returns to you, your estate or a charity when we are both dead, you tell us your choice. We could add a lien to our deeds to ensure this but this will add to the legal costs so it might be sensible to only do this for a significant donation. Your gift will then not only help Julie but would then help others too.