Julie's life

Julie has severe mental and physical disabilities which are a result of a terrible history of abuse and of being let down by everyone. She was adopted into an awful family in the East End of London. She was raped and physically abused by an older brother. She was ignored by her parents as they had no love for the children and seemed to just want an easy life. They did not even care when the brother broke Julies bones and scalded her. She was let down by the Police, Social Services and even the NHS  who should have reported the injuries.


The broken bones and the scars from scalding and the violence are not visible – but the mental scars the memories, the terror, anxiety and constant fear still remain.
When Julie was 13 she left home and somehow managed to cope living in a squat and working whenever she could in a cafe. After a year, and still living in the squat, she returned to school made up the missing year and managed to get good enough grades in her GCSE exams to get a job in a bank.
She went to night school and passed a B.Tec in Business and Finance getting the highest marks ever in the college.

Instead of continuing in the bank and supported with her high grades she trained to be a teacher – she gained the highest marks ever in the college for her BSc/QTS (Hons) qualification. Next was an MA. in Special Educational Needs – the highest marks ever recorded in Lancaster University; an M.Sc. With the highest marks in the year and then a PhD – which took her under two and a half years – which is extremely fast.

You will have gathered than Julie is an unusual person!

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