My Social Media Challenge  -
an Appeal to help Julie

Julie has severe mental and physical illness.
She has had tests but has not been  given any proper treatment.
This week she was told it will be over a year before a specialist even phones her to talk about her condition.
She can't eat sold food and is in terrible pain every day and night.
Her depression is at a seriously low state.
Julie needs a lot of help NOW.
She had a terrible childhood and trauma that stopped her working 18 years ago.
Her depression is always worse in the winter but she has never been this bad at this time of year. I am really worried that the winter and the extra worries caused by the corona virus will be too much for her. 
She can't get treatment in the UK so she will have to go abroad for it.
She can't afford this.

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Julie does not like having her photo taken because she does not like to see herself looking so ill, so this photo is 20 years old.
That’s Danny her dog, apart from me he was her only friend , he died four years ago. and  Julie has still not got over the loss of her best friend.
When this photo was taken Julie was fit - since then she has lost a third of her weight - 3 stone (42Lbs, 19Kg), It is impossible for her to put any weight on.
Julie's problems are all a result of a terrible history of abuse and of being let down by everyone. 

  •  born 1970
  •  Sexually and physically abused by brother - Adoptive parents aware but did nothing 
  •  Left home aged 13 - Homeless but still continued to go to school 
  •  Left school at 16 and got a job in a bank, Night classes - B. Tech Diploma with highest marks in year 
  •  University – BSc/BA (Hons) + QTS highest marks in year,
  •  MA – highest marks in year 
  •  MSc – highest marks ever recorded at Lancaster University
  •  PhD in two and a half years 
  •  Senior Research Fellow at Kings College Hospital , London
  •  Assaulted in street, - trauma of childhood and the assault added to existing mental illness 
  •  Aged just 32 her career ended 2002
  • NOW - 
  •  Julie has schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, serious depression, 
  •  Julie has gastrointestinal neuropathy
  •  Julie  can not eat any solid food
  •  She also has damaged kidneys, cysts on her liver, hiatus hernia, bleeding in her duodenum and her colon and GAVE.
  • It is not a surprise that she is seriously underweight and anaemic. The pains are terrible.
  •   She is not receiving any proper treatment.

The broken bones and the scars from scalding and the violence when she was a child are not visible – but the mental scars and the memories, the terror, anxiety and constant fear still remain.

She has never given up working and fighting against every problem - until now when it all seems so hopeless.

All the time she has managed to cope with the nightmares, the fears left from her childhood and the inner voices of her parents constantly criticising her; but when she was assaulted on a London street her life changed forever in just a few minutes.

Julie says that was the day her life ended.

 She is scared of people and does not trust anyone. Left on her own she would end up being a recluse again, she would not have contact with any other people.

Imagine your mealtimes - if they were like this:
This is breakfast, or it might be lunch or dinner!
All meals are a small glass of meal replacement drink.
For variety it could be strawberry, coffee, chocolate or vanilla, her "favourite" flavours.
Julie can plan tomorrows lunch - a glass of drink, next weeks special dinner - a glass of drink, or a special Christmas dinner, you guessed it - a glass of drink.
Not much fun is it?


Julie is in terrible pain most days and nights,  

Her last doctor refused to follow the specialist's advice and no useful help has been given to her. A new doctor has tried to help - but now this is not available because the UK health services have been starved of money for so long and the virus has caused even longer waiting times.

She sees life ahead as very dark – and her thoughts of the time when she becomes old are really frightening because she has no family and I am her only friend in the UK – and as I am 71 and she is 50 there may come a time when she has no one. There is no doubt in my mind that if I die Julie will be alone in her home and it is likely she will either starve to death or commit suicide.

Being old and totally alone in England is a fearful idea.

Today Julie said she feels like a beetle. One that fell on it’s back 18 years ago and is still wriggling it’s legs trying to get back on it’s feet. Every now and again it manages to flip on it’s side enough for some feet to touch the ground but as it struggles it rolls and is on it’s back again.

This is not a life.
Her constant pain, depression and her fear can not be not acceptable - we live in the 21st century!

We think the last time Julie laughed was over 18 years ago, when we would go out in the evenings and even enjoyed a trip somewhere that would interest us.

Julie used to lead the studies of groups of students, or teams of hospital specialists. That changed. The PTSD she suffers makes her hide from people, she is anxious and scared. 

Imagine the difference to Julie’s life if, instead of breakfast lunch and dinner being a glass of meal replacement drink she could eat a meal, even better if she were to be able to eat a meal in a restaurant with friends!

Imagine a life where she is able to talk to people, a life without the pain.


Imagine Christmas 
Do I get some fancy glasses to make her Christmas dinner better, will that make her feel like she is celebrating like everyone else?

The solution
Julie badly needs  operations so she can eat proper food and help with her mental troubles.
They say the health services in the UK will not be working properly for at least 5 years.

How can anyone in terrible pain day and night, who is constantly loosing weight, is bleeding internally and is anaemic have to wait a year just for a chat with a specialist?

The only choice is to raise money so she can pay for treatment. 
She needs "cure" and not "just to hide symptoms", and needs it now!

This will be very expensive. For treatment for all her problems and to ensure she does not relapse will be very expensive, £150,000! But this will make sure she has all the treatment she needs NOW.

Of course this is a dream solution - and every small gift can go towards whatever the appeal makes - it could be a private consultation to help plan how to get the very best treatment form the UK health services, or a few therapy sessions, or to have private hospital treatment, so although our dream solution would cost £150,000 even £100 will get some help for Julie.

I have asked dozens of wealthy people to help and got nowhere. I think they only chose charities that are popular and will give them publicity so they can say how good they are.
They just don't seem to care about normal people.

I have decided the only way is to ask for a small gift from lots of people who would give the cost of a  cup of coffee or a bottle of water to someone who really needs it.

This means I have to find a very large number of people willing to give Julie the price of a drink - a cup of coffee or bottle of water, people who can spare more might gift the amount they would spend on a decent bottle of wine, and of course much larger donations would be very welcome!

If you are unable to give a giftyour help is still really valuable - I need people to share the appeal with friends and contacts and to ask them to do the same. The more people who read it the more chance of raising the target.

This is the challenge - because with your help it will work - if you help to share this appeal to as many friends as possible and if some of them make a gift to Julie we can help her get treatment - and show her that people DO care.

I will update my Facebook profile to show how the challenge is working and say what countries people are from.

How to make a gift:
I have a Facebook appeal page
I have a Gofundme appeal:
Or you can send me a message if you want to pay in another way.

Even if the challenge does not get all the money Julie needs she will still be able to have as much treatment as possible.

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